A Must-have Keyword Research Process for Winning SEO – Whiteboard Friday

Keyword research may be long and tedious, but it’s imperative to drive organic traffic to your website. At the beginning, seed keywords are formed as a basis for your keyword list so that you are able to expand it in the future. It’s important to look into the total volume of searches, as well as the amount of competition within that keyword. Once a list is built, it’s time to put out content and monitor competitors.

Key Takeaways:

  • All SEO comes from doing smart research about keywords, without it, you wouldn’t know the proper key words.
  • keyword research is important, but so is seeing where your competition ranks, and you can do that by searching for your terms.
  • You can continue to do keyword research over and over again until you have it right for every page.

“When you find more seeds, continually do this, these become new pages of your site or a new entire content section.”

Read more: https://moz.com/blog/winning-seo-with-keyword-research

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