Data-Driven versus Data-Informed

Data driven and data informed may sound similar, and they sort of are, but they have some key differences, and it is probably best to be data informed versus data driven. Data driven isn’t a bad thing, but it involves viewing the data in real time to see what moves should be made right then and there, kind of like a survival instinct. Data informed is the longer term data that allows you to follow certain patterns to make informed decisions.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can be data-driven or data-informed when it comes to processing data, but you can also be both.
  • The difference between these two types is a matter of the timing involved.
  • Knowing how you process data can be helpful when it comes to your working life.

“All animals are data-driven – its called survival. Making a decision in real-time is literally a matter of life or death”

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