Google Reveals the Fastest Growing Product Categories in Search Results

Recently, Google has provided content marketers with an interesting tools that shows current trends in within retail products. By utilizing these “Rising Retail Categories,” online marketers can create specialized content that will reach their intended audience. Companies can also come up with new and innovative product ideas by seeing what is most popular with the public. Finally, online businesses will be able to use these trends as a form of promotion and collaboration with other marketers. The more marketers know about the industry, the more steps they can take to sell their products.

Key Takeaways:

  • Knowing what data is valuable to your business is an important factor in success
  • Google tools include a way to watch how consumer interests in categories trends
  • The data collected from these tools can produce content, promotions and product designs

“Consumer interest is rapidly shifting from one month to another and, as Google notes, marketers are “hungry” for more data.”

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